Rest in Peace, Carrie Fisher

As most of you have probably heard, famed actress Carrie Fisher passed away yesterday. She was, of course, best known as Princess Leia from the Star Wars movies, a role she played to perfection. Through her brilliant performance (with the help of some good writing), Fisher brought to us a character who was brave and bold, who wasn’t afraid to take down a stormtrooper or two; but who was also quite caring, compassionate, and feminine when she needed to be, ready to comfort Luke Skywalker or be romantic with Han Solo. As such, she was among the first strong female characters in film that many of us were introduced to (as a side note, she still represents a high water mark for strong female characters in general), and for that she will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

Beyond the Star Wars franchise, Fisher had nice supporting roles in The ‘Burbs and When Harry Met Sally, both released in 1989. She also played Jake Blues’s crazy, trigger-happy ex-girlfriend in 1980’s The Blues Brothers, which, for its manic intensity, is actually my personal favorite performance of her’s. No one sells righteous anger quite like Fisher could. 

It is both necessary and appropriate to grieve for Fisher, who, at 60, seemed to have passed away before her time. But as is the case with any great performer who has gone on, what’s most important is to take what inspired us about their performances and use them as examples in our own life. If we do that, then they live on forever, never truly fading.

Anyways, farewell, Ms. Fisher. May you entertain souls forever on that big stage in the sky.


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