About Z Movie Reviews

Hey all,

Welcome to Z Movie Reviews. In the interest of answering the most immediate questions you might have about this blog, I’ve put together a mock FAQ for you.

What is this blog about?
This blog is about providing reviews and other discussion pieces about movies. There really aren’t any specifics beyond that. I might discuss films from thirty years ago; I might discuss films that are currently in theaters now; I might review a Western or a drama or an arthouse film* or a Superhero film. Heck, I might even go a bit higher brow and discuss an Orson Welles or a Stanley Kubrick picture from time to time, or one of those well made foreign films that like three people see in theaters before it goes to video. I might also comment on new trailers for films, as well as posts from other film critics.

*Admittedly arthouse film reviews will probably only be a last, desperate resort for this blog.

What’s with the name Z?
Z is a nickname I’ve had since I was a kid. I’m reluctant to use my real name on public sites, and I figured the nickname would help. That and it just seemed cool at the time.

Is that really the best title you could come up with?
Well, I wanted to call it Moviez, but it turns out that was already taken. Early bird gets the worm I suppose. So yes, Z Movie Reviews is the best I could do**. I am open to suggestions for changes, though.

**Turns out that was almost close to not being available either, as there is also a Mr. Z movie reviews blog on WordPress. The point is, I wasn’t nearly as original with this whole naming thing as I thought I was.

What’s your approach/philosophy on film criticism?
Film criticism is relative. The perceived quality of a movie is highly dependent on the person watching it, the expectations they have about it, and any number of other factors. It’s by no means an exact science. The minute you try to determine a standard or a set of rules that all good films must meet, you’ll find that there is some perceivably good film out there that fails to meet that standard or those rules. The same thing goes for bad films as well. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t good films and bad films out there; only that you have to judge them on a case by case basis rather than appealing to some mythical rule book of great cinema. And even then you’ll rarely be in agreement with everybody; so just try to be respectful about your disagreement with people.***

***Exceptions can be made from time to time.

So you don’t view your opinions on films as fact, then?
In general, when I write something along the lines of, “such and such movie is awesome,” or, “such and such film is the most disappointing of the year,” there’s always an implied “in my opinion,” preceding those kinds of statements. So no: I don’t really view my opinions as fact, and I try to respect other views on films if I feel they were formed reasonably. That said, on certain occasions, it is possible to appeal to facts when discussing details concerning narrative and other aspects of a film’s story telling; meaning that while my opinion or interpretation of a film is not necessarily fact, it can never-the-less be, at least partially, fact based and therefore be more credible or justified than other opinions.  Of course, I can also form an opinion based on facts and still be wrong from most other people’s point of view. Again, relativity.

Will you post about anything else?
My intent is not to. I’ve noticed that some other critics and film-oriented writers do occasionally take breaks from the usual cinema discussion and wax philosophical about some political or religious issue or talk about some personal event in their lives, but I’d rather stay away from those topics on this blog.

How often will you post?
I’m going to try to get something up here at least once a week; but realistically that might not always happen.


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