Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

Growing up, I was an enormous fan of the Captain Underpants books by author Dav Pilkey. Their unique brand of wit, humor, and creativity (e.g., allowing the reader to employ primitive animation in the books through a technique hilariously referred to as Flip-O-Rama) really struck a chord with me. And while I have long since aged out […]

La La Land

***Note: there are spoilers in this review. I will indicate the section in which they occur so that you may skip it if you like. *** We don’t really get many live-action movie musicals these days. Sure, you can still find musicals on Broadway and the occasional television special, but it’s increasingly rare to see one on the […]

Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party is a raunchy R-rated comedy whose title pretty much sums up what it’s about. A company, threatened with closure and layoffs, goes all in on a holiday party in order to whoo a potential client whose partnership might just keep them from going under. Queue a huge rager with sex, drugs, alcohol, nudity, and […]

The Edge of Seventeen

It is a true joy to be surprised by a movie. By that I mean seeing a film you really weren’t aware of prior — you weren’t following buzz or keeping up with insider details; at most you possibly saw a trailer or two — and being genuinely impressed by it, having a thorough emotional connection […]

Bridget Jones’s Baby

Sometimes life throws you curve balls and you find yourself doing things you never had any intention of doing. For example, my power went out last night; and, rather than wait around in the dark for it to come back on, I decided to go see a movie to pass the time. I arrived at […]

Kubo and the Two Strings

*I thought I’d try something a little different for this review. Expect a return to normal next time. Every once in a while, a movie like Kubo and the Two Strings comes along… A movie that is smart, exciting, entertaining, beautiful, imaginative, and breathtaking. A movie that is a perfect combination of familiar and fresh. A movie where the […]

Finding Dory

2003’s Finding Nemo is an undisputed classic; and I feel as though that’s both A) obvious and B) worth stating regardless. Pixar did the incredible when it took it a seemingly run-of-the-mill family picture about talking fish and made it into a monumental cinematic event. The story of the clownfish Marlin’s quest — aided by the forgetful but lovable regal tang […]