Isle of Dogs

Without a doubt, Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs is the best stop-motion-animated movie I’ve seen since 2016’s Kubo and the Two Strings. Granted, it’s the only stop-motion-animated movie I’ve seen since Kubo and the Two Strings, but, in all seriousness, this movie is of a similarly high caliber of filmmaking. The film is set in […]

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

A couple of months ago, if you had asked me whether or not a loose sequel to a twenty-two-year-old movie (that itself was only just okay) would be any good, I would have said no. So it’s with a pleasant surprise that I say that Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is an absolute blast: a […]

The Big Sick

After all of the big special effects blockbusters I’ve seen lately, a film like The Big Sick, a smaller, more intimate work that focuses on a human drama and relationships, was the right change of pace for me. The movie, though fictionalized, is based on the real life relationship between comedian Kumail Nanjiani and his […]

Baby Driver

It’s possible to like a film, and, more importantly, to think it was good, and yet still be somewhat disappointed with it. That’s the odd situation I find myself in with Baby Driver, an entertaining and competently-made work that, given the man responsible for it, didn’t quite meet my expectations. The movie is written and […]

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

Growing up, I was an enormous fan of the Captain Underpants books by author Dav Pilkey. Their unique brand of wit, humor, and creativity (e.g., allowing the reader to employ primitive animation in the books through a technique hilariously referred to as Flip-O-Rama) really struck a chord with me. And while I have long since aged out […]

La La Land

***Note: there are spoilers in this review. I will indicate the section in which they occur so that you may skip it if you like. *** We don’t really get many live-action movie musicals these days. Sure, you can still find musicals on Broadway and the occasional television special, but it’s increasingly rare to see one on the […]

Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party is a raunchy R-rated comedy whose title pretty much sums up what it’s about. A company, threatened with closure and layoffs, goes all in on a holiday party in order to whoo a potential client whose partnership might just keep them from going under. Queue a huge rager with sex, drugs, alcohol, nudity, and […]