I recently saw Logan twice within a twenty-four hour period. The first time I saw it, I was unfortunate enough to be in the same theater as a family with no real film-manners to speak of. For the entirety of the picture’s run time, they made all manner of noise. The children whined (as a side […]

Hidden Figures

Well, today is the big day: the day of the Academy Awards. I mentioned in my review of Manchester by the Sea that I wanted to see some more of the Best Picture nominees before the winner was announced today, and last week I managed to make time to see Hidden Figures. A quick side note: […]

Manchester by the Sea

It’s currently Oscar season, and we now know all nine Best Picture candidates. While I’ve already seen Hacksaw Ridge and La La Land, I thought I’d try to check out at least a couple more nominees before the winner was decided in a couple of weeks. This past week I finally watched Manchester by the Sea, which was a good film but […]

Princess Mononoke (20th Anniversary Reflection)

I recently had the pleasure of attending a 20th Anniversary screening of acclaimed Japanese filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki’s 1997 animated classic Princess Mononoke. The film is an important one for me, and it was true joy to be able to see it in a theater. For those of you who haven’t seen it, Princess Mononke is […]

La La Land

***Note: there are spoilers in this review. I will indicate the section in which they occur so that you may skip it if you like. *** We don’t really get many live-action movie musicals these days. Sure, you can still find musicals on Broadway and the occasional television special, but it’s increasingly rare to see one on the […]

The Edge of Seventeen

It is a true joy to be surprised by a movie. By that I mean seeing a film you really weren’t aware of prior — you weren’t following buzz or keeping up with insider details; at most you possibly saw a trailer or two — and being genuinely impressed by it, having a thorough emotional connection […]

The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train is a nice little surprise of a movie. It’s the first truly engaging mystery thriller that I’ve seen since 2014’s Gone Girl, with which it shares a kind of thematic kinship. It also offers something of a tour-de-force performance from English actress Emily Blunt, who does an amazing job as the film’s […]