Atomic Blonde

  If nothing else, Atomic Blonde is a movie with a really great title. There’s nothing like sticking the word “atomic” in front of a one syllable word. Atomic clocks, atomic wings, atomic punk, you get the idea. Thankfully, this movie has more going for it than its moniker. While it has some problems, it is, […]

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is an awesomely terrible film.  Awesome in the sense that this is, in all honesty, the most visually dazzling science fiction movie since 2009’s Avatar; terrible in the sense that it has a shockingly unfocused, poorly written, tonally ajar story that drags the whole enterprise down. Not […]


Christopher Nolan has been one of the most important filmmakers of this era. Through his work with his Dark Knight Trilogy, as well as original projects including Interstellar and Inception, he has, time and again, accomplished the rare feat of making exciting yet surprisingly intellectually poignant blockbusters. In a time when so many feel that it is […]

The Big Sick

After all of the big special effects blockbusters I’ve seen lately, a film like The Big Sick, a smaller, more intimate work that focuses on a human drama and relationships, was the right change of pace for me. The movie, though fictionalized, is based on the real life relationship between comedian Kumail Nanjiani and his […]

War for the Planet of the Apes

For all the complaining I do about the excess of remakes, reboots, and general attempts to extend a franchise in anyway possible that currently exist in the Hollywood system and how often they fall short compared to what came before, it is worth mentioning that it is, in fact, possible to revisit old material in […]

Rest in Peace, George Romero

Famed filmmaker George Romero passed away today at the age of 77. While not always thought of as a brilliant auteur, he was a truly influential artist. As the man behind the Night of the Living Dead series, he almost single handedly defined the modern perception of zombies in popular culture, and any media involving […]

Spider-Man: Homecoming

For those keeping track, Spider-Man: Homecoming is the second reboot of the Spider-Man series in the last half-decade (the third version of this movie franchise overall in modern times). After the decidedly lukewarm reception to the two The Amazing Spider-Man films, the folks over at Sony elected to create a new Spider-Man series that was more […]